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BM Ryodoraku
BM Ryodoraku

The  BM Ryodoraku  program

The  BM Ryodoraku  program is the tool for aid the patients' diagnosis, based on the Ryodoraku method




The program works with KOLMIO RYODORAKU device and automatically downloads the measurement data from the device.

The program job is to manage the patiens and measurements database and to generate reports.


Apart of the job concerning the patient's report the program is used to manage the database of patients and their examinations, allows saving, deleting, and modifying information in the database.


Apart from typical Ryodoraku method jobs, the program has wider possibilities. The base for program processing are not only the measurement results, but also such information as sex, age, the history of illnesses and even the hour of measurement.

The program generates the report containing:

  • energetic diagnosis,
  • health state,
  • suggested acupuncture methods.

Energetic diagnosis

The report Energetic diagnosis contains summarization of measurements in a Ryodoraku form, preliminary diagnosis and results' interpretation. The report contains energetic state rating for nine different meridian groups (i.e. Yin - Yang, North - South, five-elements law etc.).

Health state

The report Health state, so called "Fumoshin" - vegetative portrait, contains information about patient's health. The information is based on the measurement results and patient's data - age, sex, time of examination.

This report is sometimes called "diagnosis without history".

Acupuncture methods

The report Acupuncture report presents suggested methods for therapy, based on the measurements results. The suggested acupuncture points are based on the general Ryodoraku therapy, north-south law, five-elements law etc.


Typical report contains dozen or so pages and is the complete information about patient's health.

The following requirements are needed to install the  BM Ryodoraku  program:

  • operating system Windows XP or higher;
  • 10 MB free disk space;
  • 1 free USB port;
  • CD or DVD drive needed for installation;
  • the printer (needed to print the reports, not essential for program launch).

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