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BM Ryodoraku
BM Ryodoraku

The  KOLMIO Points  program

The  KOLMIO Points  program is the computerized atlas of acupunctural and auricular points. You can browse meridians and points, find descriptions and drawings of points localization on the body and on the ear.

Functionality of the program consists of:

  • list of acupunctural meridians and points,
  • list of auricular points,
  • detailed descriptions and drawings of acupunctural points - the view from the front, back and side of the body,
  • detailed descriptions and drawings of auricular points,
  • list of acupuncture applications - the diseases and the examplary recipes,
  • possibility of the recipes edition - adding and deleting points, adding and deleting diseases.

The following requirements are needed to install the  KOLMIO Points  program:

  • operating system Windows XP or higher;
  • 10 MB free disk space.

Some windows of the program:

KOLMIO Punkty - singlie point detailes

KOLMIO Punkty - one ilness view

KOLMIO Punkty - receipt edit

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