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"Laserpuncture and laser biostimulation (Laseropunktura i biostymulacja laserowa)"

Authors:Zbigniew Garnuszewski
Barbara Madziar-Kraƛkiewicz
Jan A. SzymaƄski
Witold Wandel

"Laserpuncture and laser biostimulation (Laseropunktura i biostymulacja laserowa)"   The book is a collection of independent papers delivered by the authors at acupuncture courses led by prof. dr med. Zbigniew Garnuszewski.

...The light is indispensable for the life of humans, animals and plants. It is required to maintain good health. The red light stimulates vital processes and the blue and violet light have a soothing effect that relaxes the human nervous system...

...Taking into account the unique properties of laser light, the therapeutic effect of such light should be treated as couple times stronger...

           prof. dr med. Zbigniew Garnuszewski

  Format: 14 x 20 cm
  Pages: 100
  Illustrations: 8

Note: This book is available in Polish only.


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