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Welcome to KOLMIO Kiełkowscy website.

POLAND, 80-299 Gdansk, ul. Parterowa 2, tel. +48 58 552 75 71

Medical devices
We offer a wide range of devices for electrostimulation and electroacupuncture, both individual and proffesional. We also offer biostimulation lasers. Our offer is made complete by TENS electrostimulators.
Very interesting product is the device for Ryodoraku diagnosis. This device together with complex computer program makes detailed diagnosis system.

We offer publications connected with use of our devices. Thanks to this rich literature even beginners can use every device without any problems.

Besides the books we offer computer programs to facilitate devices applications and to enhance users knowlegde.


During medical courses we familiarise the participants with acupuncture and apliccations of our devices.

Magnetic field
We also suggest to take note of harmfulness of the electromagnetic field surrounding us.

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