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AUTOMERIDIAN - characteristics

AUTOMERIDIAN, apart from being very effective, is distinguished from other products on the market by following characteristics:

  • it is small, light-weight, portable, stylish; small dimensions make it easy to carry and use at home, work or while travelling,
  • it is safe - low energy of impulses does not cause electric shocks,
  • it is harmless - according to doctors, stimulation restores the Yin - Yang balance, never disturbs it,
  • it is efficient - thanks to special systems, one battery lasts for very long,
  • it is easy-in-use - the additional large active electrode makes it easier to find acupunctural points on the torso, legs or arms, where separate points are far away from each other. The main active electrode, needle-shaped ended with a ball tip, makes it easier to stimulate areas where acupunctural points are very densely distributed, eg. ear, face, hands,
  • it is very reliable - lack of cables outside the device completely prevents damaging the device. The company provides a two-year warranty for every device; the number of complaints noted does not exceed one per cent.

The reasons for using AUTOMERIDIAN are:

  • large therapeutical possibilities of curing various illnesses,
  • it increases efficiency of medicines - even five times!
  • easiness of finding acupunctural points - the modern, automatic electronic system enables locating the points by people with no experience at all,
  • tremendous efficiency when apllied at the early stages of a disease, e.g. one two-minute stimulation when the first symptoms of rhinitis, angina or influenza appear, allows to avoid these illnesses.
  • high efficiency, as a result of a patented (Certificate no. 165804) method of stimulation. Thanks to applying impulses in packets, we have shortened the stimulation time to two minutes - other stimulators produce rectangular or triangular impulses, which require a long period of stimulation (up to even 30 minutes). Moreover, we have applied a frequency similar to that of functional waves of the brain, which gives sometimes amazing results!

AUTOMERIDIAN users have an opportunity to take their health in their own hands and eliminate illnesses at their early stages, before they can develop, saving:

  • time - you do not have to consult doctors that frequently,
  • money - for medicines; disabled people can also benefit from a tax relief,
  • health - by avoiding intake of chemical substances.

Finding the points is actually easier than it seems. Hitting the point is confirmed by a feeling of irritation - it is not noticeable anywhere else. AUTOMERIDIAN produces optical and acoustic signals even nearby the points.

After only a few stimulations you can become skilled and familiar with the device, which will surely give much satisfaction and benefits, and also enable discovering many new applications. As we are concerned about people allergic to contact of their skin with some metals, we have equipped our devices with gold-plated electrodes, which made AUTOMERIDIAN available to everyone.

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